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We are an organization which stands for integrity, where people are united and committed to excellence and compassion in service to our customers demonstrating trust, respect, dependability and professionalism towards each other, our associates and partners; while sustaining and ensuring our company and individual’s growth and success for guaranteed service to society.

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Best Diagnostic Corp was formerly a single proprietorship, established in March of 1994 by a couple, who are both Doctors of Medicine and Licensed Medical Technologists. In 2002, it became a corporation under the leadership of the same couple, Dr. Antonio P. Balisi and Dr. Rosemarie S. Balisi. 



The company is located at # 94 Masikap Extension Street, Diliman, Quezon City. With only one (1) laboratory unit and four (4) staff in 1994, today the company has five (5) branches and manpower composed of more than 60 dedicated and competent staff. It has also a number of affiliated consultants, medical technologists, and interns; serving numerous hospitals, referring doctors, referring laboratories, clinics, companies, and pharmaceutical laboratories (for research studies), proofs of its quality services, and a growing number of satisfied clientele.














The company now offers multi-specialty services in its laboratory, imaging, and outpatient clinics.


The Laboratory uses highly advanced and fully automated machines for Blood Chemistry, Hematology, Thyroid Function Tests, Hepatitis Profile, Tumor Markers, and Serology, which are interfaced with laboratory and hospital software. It is supervised by Dr. Susan P. Quiot, a Pathologist, who also handles the Pathology Department of different hospitals like Quirino Memorial Medical Center, UERM Medical Center, and New Era General Hospital. To ensure accuracy of results and patients’ identifications the company is using a bar-coding system.















The Imaging Department is composed of X-ray, Ultrasound, Cardiovascular and CT scan sections. The X-ray, Ultrasound and CT scan sections are supervised by fellow and diplomate doctors in the College of Radiology.


The Cardiovascular section has specialist readers coming from Philippine Heart Center and St. Luke’s Medical Center.












Best Diagnostic Corp recognizes its responsibility as a provider of quality health services. For this reason and to attain the company’s vision of becoming a leading diagnostic center, respected in the industry because of its world-class facilities, technology and services, the company decided to be certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accreditation body not later than 2009.


The foremost requirement for ISO accreditation is for the company to develop a quality management system aimed primarily at achieving and enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting customer, statutory, regulatory, as well as the organization’s own requirements applicable to the health services being provided by the company efficiently and effectively at all times.


Our History


Best Diagnostic Corporation was formerly a single proprietorship and started to offer its services.


Became a corporation under the leadership of Dr. Antonio P. Balisi and Dr. Rosemarie S. Balisi.


The company was certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accreditation body


Best Diagnostic Corporation was successfully established a molecular laboratory facility for the COVID 19 Testing.

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