Diagnostic Imaging Services

Best diagnostic offers imaging services to easily identify indications and diagnose health conditions through viewing what is inside of the patient’s body.Imaging tests are easy to perform in

monitoring and evaluating diseases and symptoms. Best Diagnostic provide a full array of diagnostic imaging services including the following;


X-RAY Procedure

Most common imaging tests where physicians or doctors recommended to have it for those patients who suffer from bone injury or fracture.


Available Xray Procedure:

Chest PA                                            Thoracic Spine APL

Chest PA/L                                        Chest APL-Child

Skull APL                                           Cervical APL

Waters, Caldwell, Townes          Thoracolumbar APL

Thoracic Cage AP                           Lumbar Spine APL

Lumbosacral APL                          Scoliotic Series Coccyx

Pelvic AP                                           Shoulder AP

Shoulder AP                                    Humerus APL

APO Scapular AP                           Clavicle

Elbow APL                                        Forearm APL

Wrist APL                                          Hand AP, O, L

Femur APL                                       Leg APL

Foot APL                                           Knee APL



Ultrasound Procedure

Ultrasound imaging is a safe imaging method to picture what’s inside of the patient’s body. It is a common procedure for pregnant female patients because it is safe and doesn’t use radiation. It is recommended for those patients who have a swelling, infection, or deep pain.


Available Ultrasound Procedure:

Transvaginal Ultrasound                                 Upper Abdomen Ultrasound

Pelvic Ultrasound                                               Lower Abdomen Ultrasound

Biophysical Scoring                                           KUB Ultrasound

Transrectal Ultrasound                                    Prostate Ultrasound

Whole Abdomen Ultrasound                         Thyroid Ultrasound

HBT Ultrasound                                                  Breast Ultrasound



Cardiovascular Examination

A cardiac imaging test is a standard test to delineate cardiac structure and function. Doctor/Physician recommends this test to identify and monitor heart diseases. 


Available Cardiovascular Exam:

ECG – 12 Lead

2D Echo Droppler